點石成金 "金" 18" 書法畫架 - The Study “Gold" 18” Brush Stand

SKU: GYU-8C1-001


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    • Handcrafted unique living room decor becomes a visual art and elevated artistic expression.  
    • Stainless Steel SS304 plated with 24K Gold
    • Includes GiftBox

  • Materials(s): available in Stainless Steel SS304 plated with 24K Gold, Stainless Steel SS304 plated with 999 Silver

  • Stand Dimension:  21.5x11.0x46.0cm 
    Brush Size: 0.9x0.9x21.2cm

  • Product Weight: 1898g
  • SKU: GYU-8C1-001 

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