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銀杏葉 "純金" 戒指 - Autumn Reverie "Solid Gold" Ring


  • Handcrafted unique Jewelry depicts Chinese floriography and aesthetics
  • Pure Solid Gold
  • Includes GiftBox

  • Materials(s): available in Solid 22K Gold, 925 Silver plated Silver, 925 Silver plated 18K gold, 925 Silver plated 18K Rose Gold, Cooper
  • Dimension: 1.9 x 1.9 x 2.2 cm 
  • Ring Size: Adjustable 5-7
  • Product Weight: 6.0g
  • SKU: GYU-201-001
  • Lifetime Warranty & 30 Days Return Policy


      There is no sight like you in Autumn.
      A golden rain in the evening sun. 

      You bask in the breeze, swaying and swirling
      under the sades of evergreen maidenhair ferns. 

      It's a beautiful sight. 

      You glow strong like the silver moon
      burn brighter than a light in guidance. 

      It's a never-ending sight.  

      銀杏葉 "純金" 戒指 - Autumn Reverie "Solid Gold" Ring - GINYU 今鈺
      銀杏葉 "純金" 戒指 - Autumn Reverie "Solid Gold" Ring - GINYU 今鈺
      銀杏葉 "純金" 戒指 - Autumn Reverie "Solid Gold" Ring
      銀杏葉 "純金" 戒指 - Autumn Reverie "Solid Gold" Ring
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