梅花 "銅" 項鍊 - Winter Sonnet "Copper" Necklace

    • Handcrafted unique Jewelry depicts Chinese floriography and aesthetics
    • Copper
    • Includes GiftBox

  • Materials(s): available in Solid 22K Gold, 925 Silver plated Silver, 925 Silver plated 18K gold, 925 Silver plated 18K Rose Gold, Cooper

  • Dimension: 4.5 x 1.5 x 21 cm 
    Necklace Length: 21.0 cm 

  • Product Weight:XXg
  • SKU: GYU-313-001


Everywhere I look 

Glistening white snow

Yet when I see

Blossoming pink in love

You wear your pride with gentle eyes
A natural flair I could only admire

You have the blessings of cold
And the lingering touch of gold 

Do you know? 
You have always been my first and will always be.  

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