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梅花 "純金" 耳環 - Winter Sonnet "Solid Gold" Earrings


  • Handcrafted unique Jewelry depicts Chinese floriography and aesthetics
  • Solid 22K Gold
  • Includes GiftBox

  • Materials(s): available in Solid 22K Gold, 925 Silver plated Silver, 925 Silver plated 18K gold, 925 Silver plated 18K Rose Gold, Cooper
  • Dimension: 0.7 x0.7 x1.7 cm 
  • Product Weight: 2.4g
  • SKU: GYU-321-001
  • One Year Limited Warranty & 30 Days Return Policy


    Everywhere I look 

    Glistening white snow

    Yet when I see

    Blossoming pink in love

    You wear your pride with gentle eyes
    A natural flair I could only admire

    You have the blessings of cold
    And the lingering touch of gold 

    Do you know? 
    You have always been my first and will always be.  




    梅花 "純金" 耳環 - Winter Sonnet "Solid Gold" Earrings - GINYU 今鈺
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