GINYU began with a bowl & a pair of chopsticks. If there is something an Asian family treasures the most, it is the dining scene with plentiful rich dishes lavishly adorned with complete cutlery sets on a roundtable. As the Chinese saying goes, "Table manners makyth man". The wisdom of dining etiquette has been passed on to every generation through oral traditions, where parents teach their children even the most necessary yet straightforward such as chopsticks custom. Those were memorable occasions the siblings, Mr. Eric Fung and Rosanna Fung, co-founders of GINYU reminisce upon where three generations of the family gather for mealtimes.

The GINYU Hong Kong and Vancouver designers explored and pursued recorded history and cultures of Asia for inspirations and expressiveness. Through endless guidance and the loving act of giving and sharing food, the Chinese dining practice bore witness to a long-established tradition with great sentimental values. GINYU strives to preserve Asian culture by infusing oriental elements and modern ideology in each design.  

 Origin - 根源

There are traditions in China and Asia slowly being erased. From demolished historic buildings to fading craftsmanship, a sight disheartening to see. 

GINYU was establish with the vision to preserve and carry on a time-honored family tradition from the founders' grandfather.
 Even the GINYU's logo is derived from the brand logo established by their grandfather.  Apart from representing and preserving the ancestral heritage, this also signifies the importance of family relationships and reunions. GINYU, 'GIN' meaning 'present' implies modern day presentation applied to oriental elegance; while 'YU' meaning 'hard metal or treasure' resonates with the brand provenance and philosophy.    

 Design - 設計

GINYU is a story of traditional craftsmanship that rejuvenates heritage art forms. Each product is unique, delicately crafted and been designed to preserve and innovate traditions. GINYU aims to change the perceived notion of cold metal finishes by touching hearts with the warm memories and sentiments it holds.