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 In view of the spread of COVID-19 - we have been asking ourselves how we can offer to help? Our designers have found the key - to unlock and open every possibility in public space!

 The Crane Amulet is the best protection you need for you and loved ones wherever you go. Made of brass, it has antimicrobial properties, meaning it can kill microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, which includes the coronavirus! 

 The crane is a sacred and regal symbol of longevity and good fortune often used in embroidery for imperial officials in Asian culture. Crafted according to the crane’s natural poise, the brass amulet is a multipurpose design.

Creating a hygienic barrier between you and any public utilities to:

- Open doors
- Press lift buttons 
- Use at ATMs
- Use as key chain

 Shop now for this beautiful and tried-and-true crane amulet for safety and health!

 Available online ( and at Hexadoor, Tai Kwun exclusively. Special discount now at HKD 90 / USD 12 


 For more inspirations on our jewellery fashion edit, check out our Instagram @ginyudesign

Stay tuned as we unveil a new collection next month!

 Based in Vancouver and Hong Kong, GINYU team is inspired by revered Asian traditions and stories.  

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