THE AGENDA Newsletter March 2020






Our team is happy to announce we have entered into KAPOK at PMQ, Central! PMQ boasts a broad array of local artisan design, as well as art and crafts. We are proud to be among a community of creative represent and mostly, to be introduced by future classics select shop KAPOK. 


Our FOUR SEASONS jewellery collection available are perfect for your favourite seasons  

Spring Bloom - Hydrangea flower  for love & gratitude

Summer Dream - Lotus flower for purity & enlightenment

Autumn Reverie - Ginkgo leaf  for endurance & longevity

Winter Sonnet - Plum blossom for perseverance and hope


Find your perfect fit of the season that you are born in or which best represent you or your loved ones!




For more inspirations on our jewellery fashion edit, check out our Instagram @ginyudesign

Stay tuned as we will announce one more outlet in Hong Kong!


Based in Vancouver and Hong Kong, GINYU team is inspired by revered Asian traditions and stories.  

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