THE AGENDA Newsletter December 2019




 Our Four Seasons Collection celebrates the beautiful silhouette of hydrangea, lotus flower, maiden hair fern, and plum blossom. 

 The golden symbol of Autumn, maidenhair fern (ginkgo leaves) is radiant with longevity.  Each jewellery piece is handmade with the best of wishes.  A lucky charm to wear daily or presented as wishful gift. 


As the singular beauty of Winter, plum blossom is poetic and elegant, one who wears it is elegant, confident, exuding a status of worldly charm and strength.  

 Each piece of jewellery is unique and handcrafted with high standards of gold, silver molding and carving, in order to meet delicate design demands tracing each stroke and curvature. 

 Copper Jewellery is on 30% FINAL SALE

 “ A Hedgehog’s Hug“ earrings, necklace and ring will be available on December 16th (3 Days shipping) and just in time for Christmas! Shop now while stock lasts!

 Based in Vancouver and Hong Kong, GINYU team is inspired by revered Asian traditions and stories.  

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