THE AGENDA Newsletter February 2020



A day we have all been waiting for since the beginning of this week - Friday! Coincidentally also the long-anticipated Valentine's Day of this year. We salute the lovers, the parents, the friends who show love of all kinds and it's the time of year to shower loved ones with romantic woos and something slightly more special or symbolic...even for yourself!


From our Creature's Tale Collection,

A Hedgehog's Hug - To love a hedgehog is to understand true love’s sting

A Magpie's Eye - A lucky charm for love and family blessings


From our latest collection,

Lync - A continuation of the family legacies and love stories  (available exclusively in-store)

Loop - When hearts are in sync and linked with love bands

We hope Valentine's Day also acts as a reminder to you as it does to us in why we choose love, or not choose love and find happiness and growth in those decisions along the way. Happy Valentine's Day to you!




For more inspirations for your Valentine's Day red festivity outfit, check out our Instagram @ginyudesign

Stay tuned as we will announce two more outlets in Hong Kong!

Based in Vancouver and Hong Kong, GINYU team is inspired by revered Asian traditions and stories.  

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