It began with modern principles and Asian culture

The distinctive range of jewellery collection to represent each and every treasured moments in our life journey

We take beautiful sights and memorable feelings from our childhoods and turn into beautiful products to share with everyone.

Co-Founders @ericclfung & @rozayfung

A rare and precious sensibility that is only found in these designs

Daphne L

GINYU captures the essence of modern Asian art in jewelry, combining the most beautiful sleek designs of both east and west. I love how the pieces can be worn as timeless highlights to any outfit and always make me smile when I look at them, because their shine doesn’t fade.


Timeless pieces that represent who we are


Horizon - 圓方

Takes after the ancient wisdom of coinage with modern aesthetics

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Four Seasons - 四季花

Inspired by iconic flora motifs of the four seasons

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Creature's Tale - 珍禽藝獸

Each piece is handcrafted with high standards of gold, silver molding and carving

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